Jake Lasser

Welcome to my home(page)! I am an actor-slasher-multiple hat wearer, hailing from Cortlandt Manor and currently raising ethical hell in Brooklyn. I went to Columbia University for my undergrad, where I studied theatre (ie: rolled around on the floor a lot pretending to be a mutant crab). I also studied at The Studio / New York in the Nine Month Conservatory (more rolling, fewer crabs--that's growing up, kids). I've collaborated with companies such as Mabou Mines, Stages on the Sound, The Brewing Dept, Theatre in Asylum, and Femme Fatale Theater. I love making bold and thoughtful and intentional and socially engaged new work, and I love finding new ways to tell old stories. I believe that, along with raising fundamental questions about life and the universe, my job as an artist is to say to my neighbor, "Hey, look around. Did you notice how beautiful things are? It's easy to miss, so take a second to really notice--with your eyes and your mind and your heart all at once. I'll be back tomorrow to remind you again. Fist bump."